Getting Started/Overview

In 1993, I was eighteen years old. As I watched most of my friends either enter the work force or begin college life, I found myself still wondering what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” Since almost everyone I knew told me I had a personality for sales, I decided to move in that direction.  My product of choice was the American Dream.

It was not an easy first year. At that age I had very little money and could barely change a light bulb in my one bedroom apartment. What I did have was determination and support. Today, I am the proud owner of my own home and two income properties.  I am also enjoying my new role at HUNT Real Estate…selection and development of new agents.

Currently, we are looking for a specific number of qualified individuals to join our sales force. By quality, we mean the genuine want to benefit and experience the reward of changing lives. As a licensed real estate salesperson, you will be an independent contractor which means you are free to work when and how much you want. This career allowed me to attend every school play, football game, and family vacation. However, you will get out of this business exactly what you put into it. I would not have achieved my personal success without the self discipline to devote the right amount of time doing pro active activities.

Real Estate is a commission based industry, so, you will get paid when you sell a piece of property. Some people begin on a “part time” basis with clear and specific goals to eventually transition. Some just simply want to supplement their current income. For many, Real Estate is a very profitable, full time career.

The first necessary step is to register for and take a seventy five hour qualifying course to prepare for the required state exam. There is a page on this site that offers contact information for the schools we recommend. Both schools offer in class as well as on line options. The course will teach you what the state wants you to know including the law, case studies, definitions, terms and ethics. When you complete the course, you will then have to take the state exam and the steps on how to prepare for this are also enclosed.

When you learn that you have passed the state exam, you should celebrate because the hardest part is over and the excitement can now officially begin. When you apply for your license, you will be asked to choose a sponsoring broker. It is important that you know that there are annual costs involved with maintaining your license, adding up to approximately seventeen hundred dollars. One or two sales per year should cover this amount. 

HUNT Real Estate ERA seeks the right individuals as candidates to consider for our sponsorship. We take this selection process very seriously and it is the reason that people notice a difference in our elite team. If you would like to be considered, please call me to schedule an appointment at 716-628-4770.
It would be an honor to meet with you and discuss the many reasons most new agents join HUNT Real Estate. I will share with you the training, support and unique services our company has designed to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. I will also outline for you exactly what I will do to keep this venture exciting and seamless from today to the time of your first transaction.