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  • "Everyone knows they should appreciate every moment, but they often forget to dream about the future. I make sure my clients know their dreams are important to me, and I'll do what I can to bring them to fruition." - Sherry M. McDonald
  • Sherry M. McDonald believes in pursuing dreams. She knows from personal experience that setting a goal, planning for the furture, and working hard is the best way to turn any dream into reality. It's how she achieved her life's dream of living on the waterfront, and it's how she has achieved great success for her real estate clients.
  • Sherry understands that while your home purchase or sale can be a dream come true, it is also one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make. That's why she takes her responsibility to you very seriously and is unwavering in her commitment to your goals. With Sherry on your side you can Dare to Dream.
  • For Sherry M. McDonald, every moment feels like a Dream Come True

    When Sherry M. McDonald is sitting in her Adirondak chairs out on her dock with her husband and their kids, life can't get any better. With the sun on her face and a cool breeze in the air, there are no moments more precious than this. As dusk sets quietly into the water, she has the chance to dream and reflect on what's most important to her. For Sherry, times like these are what life is all about.
  • Savoring the Simple Things

    Honestly, Sherry believes that any time spent savoring the simple things is special. She truly understands the importance of appreciating every moment and living in the present. Having heart surgery a few years ago changed her whole perspective. Though it was a life-altering experience that taughter her the true value of not taking anything for granted, she is a firm believer in planning for the future while never forgetting to dream. For more than a decade, Sherry worked in the banking and mortgage industry. She focused wholeheartedly on her career, enjoying success and accolades beyond expectation - but never lost sight of her one aspiration. She longed to live on the waterfront. Sherry's knowledge and dedication to her clients were unmatched and earned her a stellar reputation. Through hard work and perseverance she maintained her dream and finally garnered the Cape Cod style waterfront home she loves today.
  • Believe in Your Dreams

    Clearly, Sherry believes that dreams do come true, and she lives hers everyday. As a real estate professional serving clientele in Western New York, this native Western New Yorker's connection to the area, fused with her sense of ambition and dedication allows her to help people realize their dreams of living or investing in property here as well. Real estate is in Sherry's blood - her mother was a REALTOR for over 30 years - and she absolutely loves her work. As a second generation industry expert, Sherry brings to the table her expertise in real estate and mortgage and lending, along with an in-depth knowledge and insight of the area. These attributes are just the advantage you need in today's complex real estate market.
  • Turn your Dreams into Reality

    Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in property in Western New York, it's time to take your real estate dreams to the next level and turn them into reality. Sherry M. McDonald is the professioanl you can count on to handle the task quickly, skillfully, and knowledgably. In fact, she turns your goals into her own. That's why, when it comes to your most important investment, Sherry encourages you to Dare to Dream. Give her a call today, you'll be glad you did.
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