6 Ways First-Time Home Buyers Can Be Prepared

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1: Take a first-time homebuyer class. It will make repairing a credit score and shopping for a loan less stressful.
2: Be conservative. Borrowing too much can mean stretching and even sacrificing the point of not having extra spending money for fun and entertainment.
3: Organize documents. First-time buyers should keep a paycheck stub, W2, and bank and retirement account statements on hand to expedite the loan application process.
4: Get pre-approved. Before starting the home buying process, consumers should get pre-approved by at least one lender. Being pre-approved won't lock buyers into a loan but it may save them the heartache of falling in love with a home they really can't afford.
5: Play house. Every month prospective buyers should bank the amount that they would have to pay if they owned a home. It's good practice so they'll be ready for the real thing.
6: Consider all the costs. It's not just a mortgage payment home buyers will have to worry about. Repairs, assessments, and other costs of home ownership can add up quickly.

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